FolkFaro Faro
FolkFaro is a unique celebration that brings together cultures from different latitudes, bringing international folklore to the charming setting of Faro, the capital of the Algarve region in Portugal. With its rich and engaging cultural program, this annual event is the highlight of festivities in the South of Portugal and attracts visitors and participants from all over the world.
Dates and Details:
The festival takes place annually in the second half of August.
Organized by the Folklore Group of Faro, in partnership with the Faro City Council and other public institutions from the Algarve region, FolkFaro is recognized by CIOFF®, making it a prominent event on the international stage.

A Multicultural Celebration:
FolkFaro brings to the stage in front of our Hotel the magic of dances, music, and costumes from people of seven countries, providing a unique experience of cultural exchange. Over 300 participants, including dancers and musicians, paint the Algarve region with the colors of their traditions. In addition, prestigious folk groups from various regions of Portugal also perform, further enriching the festival's cultural diversity.
Activities for Everyone:
The festival offers a wide variety of activities for all ages, including parades, gala nights, street animations, dance workshops, children's and senior citizens' programs, among others. With performances in theaters and outdoor spaces, FolkFaro provides unforgettable moments for residents and visitors alike.
Strengthening Friendships and Identities:
The aim of FolkFaro is to promote friendship and understanding between nations, sharing the cultural richness of each represented country. By experiencing the diversity of international folklore, participants and spectators have the opportunity to enrich their own cultural identities and celebrate global unity.


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