Experiências Relaxantes

Just another trip. Yes, but this time it’s a trip for the mind while the body relaxes and is entrusted to "good hands". Instead of a material gift that is only more or less appreciated, in offering one of our massage vouchers you will be sure to offer a moment of well-being, relaxation and inner peace to someone who is really important to you. They will be truly grateful. How many presents will give you this assurance?


Immerse yourself in the calming softness of this relaxation massage.
Designed to promote relaxation, it’s a massage characterised by a soft, smooth, rhythmic touch, in an environment that encourages you to let yourself go and be spiritually comforted.



Feel yourself floating and light as a feather!
An energetic, corrective massage that "plunges" into the deeper tissues to offer relief to tense and sore muscles. The movements applied can reach deeper layers of muscle tissue, eliminating back pain, heaviness in the legs and other chronic pain.


Pamper every inch of your body!
Combining several relaxation techniques with therapeutic practices, this is a complete massage in every way. Light but precise movements, therapeutic oils and a relaxing environment promise to change the way your body feels.


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